One Body, One God, One Goal - Mission and Core Values
Bridging the Gap...Ministries United Together - One Body, One God, One Goal
Mission and Core Values
A Relaxed Fit at...

We believe everyone needs a place where they feel they belong.  A place that fits you like a favorite pair of jeans. This place should be as welcoming as your favorite relaxing place.  A place where your whole family is accepted, loved and respected, and where you can learn more about the God that created us. 
The Bridge Network International is a non-denominational fellowship which is built upon the spiritual foundations and teachings of Jesus Christ. The open atmosphere is designed to allow the move of God to have His way, so come casual or come dressed up it doesn't matter...just come to give God some PRAISE!
The Bridge's pastoral core team and partner ministries are comprised of dynamic independent ministries, which support individuals and communities in the Chicagoland areas and other cities throughout this nation. The pastoral core ministry teams operate as the administrativeand guidance arm. Unlike traditional churches, the ministry does not have a“Senior Pastor” but a pastoral leadership team within the pastoral core teamthat operates in their spiritual giftings to support The Bridge as a whole. JesusChrist is the head and the core leadership team executes the necessaryleadership and overseer functions for day-to-day activities as the body.
The ScripturalFoundation
All things led bythe Holy Spirit must be based upon the WORD. For it is the WORD that will bringtruth and will never fail.
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We stand together as a unified and diverse cohort of Christian-basedleaders, who represent the five-fold ministry positions and is engaged throughthe leading of the Holy Spirit to articulate, navigate, and motivateindividuals within the body of Christ and sharing the good news globally tobelievers and unbelievers alike.
The Bridge Partners is designed to engage, empower and illuminate small /mid-size (<1,000) Christian-based ministries through various supportiveactivities, which include but not limited to leadership development, education,economic and financial structure, outreach programs, global missions, publicrelations/marketing and social media.
“The Bridge” brings ministries together making a greater impact in theselast days. There are so many people dying and the Word of God must reach theplaces where others have over looked or place into the traditional mainstream.
Today, there are many formalized ministries that struggle to do the willof God but because of the lack of support, structure, and finances theystumble, fall short or just exhaust out. The time is now for ministries likethese to work together, pool resources, and gather strength from each other toaccomplish the tasks that God has commissioned each to do.
Faith Statement
TheBridge Network International family believes…
The Holy Bible is the inspired WORD of God,written by men
  • We believe in the Deity of God as our Father, HisSon Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, and the Holy Spirit our Comforter whomis a gift from God.
  • We believe God is the Creator of the Universe
  • We believe one must be Born Again to have EternalLife
  • We believe Jesus Christ died on the cross androse on the third day and is now seated at the right hand of the Father
  • We believe we were sinners saved by Grace inChrist Jesus
  • We believe our sins are forgiven by the shedblood of Jesus Christ
  • We believe in the Commandments of Jesus Christ ‑"Love your neighbor as you would love yourselves, and Love the Lord Godwith all you mind, soul and body"
  • We believe Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit and is a gift fromGod
  • We believe in the Power of the Holy Spirit and Baptismof the Holy Spirit with evidence (speaking in tongues)
  • We believe in the fruit and gifts of the HolySpirit
  • We believe in forgiveness, prayer, and fasting
  • We believe in offering our time, talents, giftsand tithes for the work of the Ministry
  • We believe in Soul‑Winning, and Discipleship
  • We believe in Studying the Word of God and areFaithful to the Things of God
  • We believe in the Promises of God and we are theRighteousness of God
  • We believe in Praise and Worship to God
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