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WAKE UP...The Alarm Is Going Off!
Come Up Here
Stop Living Small
It's Really Simple
Are You Full?


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WAKE UP...The Alarm Is Going Off!

The normal human response when the clock alarm goes off it to hit "snooze" or turn it off. Snoozing can be a good thing or bad thing. I recall once hitting the snooze about three times once and was still late for my appointment. How could that be with an alarm clock? On the third time, instead of hitting snooze, I hit the OFF button.
If you haven't notice the ALARM CLOCK OF LIFE is going off. Each of have one and it is our responsibility to acknowledge that it is ringing and we must turn it off and then get up and starting doing something.

Come Up Here

The study of the book of Revelation has been very enlightening, and so much more relevant as I have studied it in the past, but now I can see so much more because of the times we live in.
As we have been engaged in the study and teaching at The Bridge, something sparked my attention on this past Sunday and I would like to share it in my early morning mediation today.
As John is scripting his encounter with God he says,
“Then as I looked, I saw a door standing open in heaven, and the same voice I had heard before spoke to me like a trumpet blast.

Stop Living Small

Are you living your full potential in Christ? Probably not, I know that some days I have not but each day I try to take the initiative to maximize on the opportunity for Jesus Christ to work through me, so that others may see Him face-to-face. Our human side is limited here on earth. There is just so far we can go, so much we can take and do, but only through the Spirit of God can we reach higher heights. It is here that we can soar beyond our wildest imaginations as they are manifested in our lives.

It's Really Simple

As intellectual beings we complicate the simplest things in life, and cause a wave of emotions to overtake us. We then find ourselves in a 10 episode mini-series drama, when we could have play it out in a few minutes. Why do we do that? Could it be that we have not acknowledged that our self-abilities are not really ours, but the one who resides inside of us?
If we look at it from that perspective it may help us to grasp that anything we do works through us from a deeper source.

Are You Full?

Have you experienced the fullness of life? Do you think it's possible?
The answer is YES, it is possible to experience God’s fullness right here on earth. You may think how is this possible with all the drama, troubles, and issues in my life and in the world? Philippians 4:8 says to think on these things—truth, honor, justice, purity, love, and positive communication. Think about God who is Excellent and Worthy of the praise.
Sounds simple right?
It is when you learn how toFOCUS
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