Early Morning Thoughts on Ephesians 4
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Early Morning Thoughts on Ephesians 4

Before you can access the realities of Ephesians Chapter 4 you have to take in Ephesians Chapter 3: 14-21. Paul writes in the latter part of this Epistle the hidden and now revealed plan of God. There are requirements to accessing the plan. As with any plan, you can see its evidence when it is written or orally spoken. I personally believe the best plans are those that are written. The bible tell us in Habbkkuk 2:2 to "write the vision and make it plan for everyone to see, so that those that accept the task at hand may take it into their hearts and run with it."
The question in this early morning thought is, do we always see the plan, understand the plan, and act on plan? If you’ve wondered what the plan is but didn’t know how to access it, Ephesians tell us some things we can do to help us. You should try them…
Get down on your knees before the Father, the creator of heaven and earth. Humility is a great thing because it takes away all of the arrogance of self. It takes away the notion the YOU are in CHARGE of your life and that YOU are RUNNING the show, that YOU are the ONLY One that can do what you do. It is this type of arrogance that pushes you further away from your source…from GOD, and it places you in a position where you think that everything is controlled by you and you alone. How wrong we are when we place ourselves in this position. We must humble ourselves and recognize that GOD the Father is RUNNING THE SHOW. Just as he asked Job in Chapter 38, "Where were you when I created the earth?"
Pray for Spiritual Strength, we may go to the health club and eat right healthy foods to get the physical strength we need, which is so important to take care of the vessel that God has created to house the Spirit of God within. But more importantly, you must learn how to EXERCISE the spirit of GOD within yourself, it needs to be WORKED OUT just like your body and mind. Genesis 2:7 says He created us to be mind, body and spirit. Just as you exercise your mind (as they say “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”), and we exercise our body, then we must also daily exercise our spirit by reading and praying to GOD, so that we may tap into the hidden secrets of GOD and be strengthen to endure the things we are about to encounter that we don’t even see yet? Are you spiritually strong enough to handle what life throws your way?
Invite Christ into Your Life, so that you may take a pleasure journey of a lifetime.  I personally believe, you have not truly lived until you begin your walk with Christ. Yes, this world can throw you all the glamour and fame. And yes, you may be doing well with just enough. Or maybe you are really struggling to hold this thing together, but you feel that the next thing that comes your way it may take you out for the count. Know today, Christ wants to not only be there JUST for you, but He wants to carry you. This can only happen when you invite Him in and this is for Christians and non-Christians alike.
Some of us have accepted the invitation but we don’t not engage in the festivities with Christ. He has gifts for us and we leave the packages unopened, how crazy is that, that you would have a gift (free of charge) and never open it and USE it? And those that don’t believe in Christ, believe that Christ came to open our eyes and give a gift of eternal life, a spiritual life. All you have to do is just accept the invitation and come to party and see for yourself. There is plenty of room and GIFTS for EVERYONE!
Talk with you later in our Early Morning Thought, Blessings Minister Tee!

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